Nick Makasis

Peter Case

Adrien Vick

Paul Osborne

Eileen Davies
Office Manager
GML Achitects Ltd are based in Shoreditch and have been at the forefront of the changes taking place within Inner London working with developers, land owners and local authorities to identify and design opportunities for urban and backland regeneration. The practice's approach to architecture is about finding solutions that are appropriate to the task, to the client and to the site in order to achieve site specific buildings and the spaces between them.

GML were established in 1993 and have been variously described by London Residential Research as "dominating the scene architecturally" and "up and coming style Innovators".

GML have a particular expertise in town planning and are commited to team working with a client focused approach to steer projects through consultation and planning. The practice has also worked with the GLA and The Joseph Rowntree Foundation advising on how to achieve lifetime homes standards within high density developments, and sits on Islington and Hackney Planning user group panels.

The Practice is currently working on a wide range of commercial, residential and mixed use projects including large scale masterplans for sites in the City fringes, London and Hertford.